Casino – The Movie That Changed Casino Marketing

After Goodfellas shattered box office records, Universal Studios rolled the dice on Casino. Featuring Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in a mob drama, the film seemed to be a sure thing. And it was, with the movie generating a healthy return on investment.

Casino takes a more intimate look at the casino world, focusing on the people who gamble in it rather than those who run or own it. It shows that not everyone is a winner at a casino, and that losing is as much a part of the experience as winning. It also teaches us that gambling isn’t always about the money, but the social interaction.

While demographics are useful for marketers, they’re a poor substitute for truly understanding what drives consumers. Customers often trust other consumers more than they do brands, and they are much more likely to listen to friends than to the company. To build customer trust, casinos should focus on showing a positive image by displaying testimonials from happy guests and lucky winners on screens throughout the venue.

As trends change, it’s important for casinos to remain on the pulse of what their audience is looking for. Entertainment options like e-sports can help attract younger crowds, and virtual reality is making its way into gaming venues. Keeping up with these emerging technologies can help you reach new audiences and grow your business.