Casino is a place where people play games of chance and gamble. It has been a gambling destination for centuries.

The word casino has been used to describe a number of places, including gambling establishments and horse racetracks, but the term is now usually reserved for large and lavish casinos that offer a wide variety of gaming options and entertainment. Modern casinos often feature restaurants, free drinks and stage shows to attract and keep players.

Something about the casino environment seems to encourage cheating and stealing. That is why casinos spend a huge amount of time, effort and money on security. They are designed to be difficult to navigate, with a confusing layout of games and obstructed views that make it easy for patrons to hide from staff. They also have bright, sometimes gaudy decorations that are meant to stimulate and cheer people on. Many casinos do not even display clocks on their walls because they believe that seeing a time would distract patrons from gambling.

Most of the main characters in Casino are mired in greed and corruption. This is the case with the mob and the mobsters, but also the casino owners and managers. The movie was made in the midst of a period of transition from mob control to the rise of giant Las Vegas casino corporations. The film features a strong cast, with Robert De Niro in top form as the shady Don Rickles and Sharon Stone as the sweet-talking Ginger McKenna.