How to Add Slots to a Chatbot


How do you add slots to a chatbot? The slot type defines what information to look for when processing an utterance. If you use a regular expression, you can map a flight code or number to a slot. You can also use regular expressions to match phrases in utterances. The Dialog Engine recognizes all slot types, so it will be easy for bots to understand what your utterance means. Here are a few tips to add slots to a chatbot.

First, the term slot is used to refer to a narrow opening, groove, or slit in a word. This type of slit is often used to describe an aircraft’s shape. The shape of a slot allows air to flow over a wing more easily. In sports, it can refer to an opening in a copy desk, an interior position held by a chief copy editor, or even an opening in an airplane wing.

Secondly, a slot machine’s pay table provides a list of credits awarded when symbols line up. Some symbols, like bells, can represent many other symbols, so you may want to review the pay table before playing. This information is usually available on the machine’s face or in the help menu. You should be able to find it quickly with a bit of research. And don’t forget to read the rules! You’ll want to know how to play slots responsibly!