How to Avoid Being Crushed at the Poker Table

Poker is a card game played between two or more players and involves betting. It involves a great deal of chance and some psychology, but it is largely a game of strategy and tactics. Unlike some games of chance, bets are only placed into the pot voluntarily and for strategic reasons, rather than by the forced action of a blind. This makes the game more predictable and allows for greater skill in bluffing and exploiting weak hands.

There are some nights at the poker table when you get crushed. It’s a little like being yanked screaming into the darkness or chomped on by a pack of shrieking zombies in a horror movie. You are playing thoughtful, sound poker, and the mopes around you are calling with garbage, raising with nothing, and getting lucky on the turn and river. You’re losing money hand after hand and it’s not even entertaining.

The best way to avoid this kind of thing is to play in more skilled games. You will be able to win more often, and your losses will be smaller when you do lose. It’s also the right way to develop your skills. You should focus on improving your own game, not on trying to learn complicated systems that aren’t going to work in every situation. Instead, practice and watch experienced players to build quick instincts.