The Movie That Changed the World – Casino

The word casino conjures visions of a luxurious gambling space with a variety of gaming options, dining and entertainment. It’s a place where luck, skill and chance combine to create exciting competitions. It’s a place where people are able to test their wits against each other and win big. While the term has evolved into a more extravagant establishment, the original definition of a casino still stands.

From the casino’s perspective, the most attractive gamblers are those who spend a lot of time playing and are large bettors. These high rollers are rewarded with comps that can include free rooms and meals, tickets to shows, reduced-fare transportation and airline tickets. This allows the casino to maximize profits while enticing new gamblers to keep coming back.

While Casino is a story of corruption, greed and betrayal, it does feature moments of genuine empathy for its characters. This is especially true of Sharon Stone’s Ginger, who is a seductive force to be reckoned with. As the movie progresses, her character rises to prominence in part because of her uncanny ability to manipulate men.

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